Fun Hospital Corridors WITHOUT heat welding!

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Fun Hospital Corridors WITHOUT heat welding!


Do you really need to heat weld? When the manufacturer, Nora, says, “you don’t need to” then you have options.

Of course, your installer makes a big difference in the final outcome, but we can help insure your success without heat welds.

Waterjet Works has extensive experience in assisting in this process. Our ability to provide…

  • Samples
  • Specifications
  • Approval drawings
  • Installation Maps
  • Extensive Customer Service, as well as
  • a web site that provides design support.

All of these services are part of the waterjet process at Waterjet Work. These services will…

  • create a more aesthetically pleasing finished product
  • easier to install
  • save money for the installation company
  • save time in the installation process
  • guarantee quality
  • allow for greater creativity in the future

Take a look at the photos and let us know what you think. Start drawing!

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