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Our newest freshest creations from across the country!


mi cocina banner

Mi Cocina Atlanta Georgia

When people think of waterjet cutting, most people think of flooring. Waterjet Works has been working towards expanding this idea to include vertical applications such as wall tile and mosiacs. But why stop there? We aimed our sights even higher, designing custom chandeliers for Mi Cocina for the M Crowd Resturant group.Read More…



Mattie lively blogSallie Zetterower Elementary

In many schools across the United States up to 30% of the building is corridors. Historically, very little learning has occured in those spaces. Superintendent of Schools in Bulloch County Georgia, Dr. Lewis Holloway, is putting these areas to good use. He has taken three of his schools and created Curriculum in the Corridors by turning this valuable space into a natural history museum. Read more …



DART Rail Station @ Frankford

DART- Frankford Station, Dallas, TX DART- Frankford Station, Dallas, TX

In December 2010, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, (DART)  opened a major extension to the Green Line. The north western entry to the light rail system is the Frankford Road Station, which boasts a colorful tile mosaic wall designed by Montage48/61, artists Charlotte Lindsey and Larry Enge. Read more …



Pantego Christian Academy

Pantego Christian Academy, Pantego TX Pantego Christian Academy, Pantego, TX

In 2008 Waterjet Works met the good people from Pantego Christian Academy including their architect and artist Fred Cauble. The school had recently purchased a commercial building adjacent to their existing campus and was on the path to renovate the building for their growing student population. Read more …






Hunt Oil Foucault Pendulum



What started out as a need for a feature for the lobby of the Hunt Oil Building in Dallas TX, ended as a work of art that combines the natural beauty of stone with the power of science.
Read More…




Stone Canyon Elementary

Owasso Stone Canyon Elementary School Owasso Stone Canyon Elementary School

The school we wish we would have attended as a child, that is Stone Canyon Elementary School! Do you remember how plain and drab your elementary school was? How much time and effort the teachers put into bringing life into the corridors? Well, Stone Canyon Elementary School is at the other end of the spectrum. Read more …




Worthington Bank

Preservation is an art. In this day and age corporations who want to renew versus build new should be commended. The Worthington Bank people are worthy of accolades. The original building was built at the beginning of the last century. When Restoration of the floors by Waterjet Works and Business Flooring Specialist was an honor and a challenge. Read more …