Our People

No question, this is at the top of the list. It is not about the machinery it is about our people and their dedication to our industry. Philip Einsohn, our President, has been working with Waterjet clients for over 20 years. We have operators and programmers who have been with Waterjet Works since we opened the doors in 1999. We love what we do and it shows in our product and services.

From our project managers to the assemblers on the floor, everyone at Waterjet Works believes that they are part of a team and that we are working for you! The appreciation for both the work and the client are bedrock foundations for a company that has been servicing the market for almost two decades. 

Customer Service

Having the tools and machines to do the job is only part of the equation. Having knowledgeable people to support your needs is the most important aspect of any project’s success. Our staff has years of experience in the industry, and have successfully fabricated hundreds of projects around the country.

Whether it is technical expertise with particular materials, handling delicate projects that have to be shipped cross country, or simply making sure the medallion you ordered fits the space it’s supposed to go in, we have experience doing it and can’t wait to help!

Our goal is to provide you the answers before you ask the questions,


Whether it’s being able to hit tight tolerances, know how to fabricate certain materials, or simply understanding how various design elements fit together, Waterjet cutting is all about precision and quality. Our experienced team knows how to create a quality product and has executed the formula thousands of times in successful projects over the years. 

We know that each project is different, and requires that special touch. Our systematized approach, developed over long years, allows us to shepherd a project from the design phase to the job site while maintaining standards of quality to make your project as special as it deserves. We stand by our product 100%, and if you give us a chance, you will too! 

2007 Hunt Oil Corporate Offices Dallas, Texas

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