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The owner, Philip, is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented. My commercial architecture firm has worked with Waterjet Works on many large projects and the jobs have all turned out excellent. #notafakereview

Kate Scholl, Hodges Architecture,Dallas, TX

Through clear and quick communication, Philip and his team were able to meet our demanding schedule and helped make the overall project successful. I look forward to working with them again.

Rachael Smith, Charles Perry Partners, Inc.,Gainsville, Fl

Philip and his staff do great work and are very reasonably priced will be using them again in the future.

Bob Williams

Waterjet Works is by far the best group of people to work with. They meet dead lines no matter how hard of a job it is and the end results come back perfect. I would highly recommend waterjet works to anyone that needs water jetting done.

Richard Dyke, Children's Mercy Hospital
We appreciate the work you guys do for us, especially the last minute work that our contractors squeeze us into with some of these tight schedules that we have to work with. Having a partner who responds the way ya’ll do, is important.
Christian Russell, PDL Floor Design
We have worked with Waterjet on several flooring projects. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. They have provided great quality work and we look forward to working with them in the future.
Candice Barger, Shaw Contract Group,Cartersville GA
Waterjet Works has an amazing team! I’m a project manager for a commercial flooring company and use them for all my waterjet needs. From large scale patterns to complex logos and inlays. They can handle it all. Truly a first class company!
Benjamin Spencer
I can not say enough good things about this company, their team and their work!!! Extremely talented and very easy to work with! I love their creativity. I highly recommend!
Cathy Brown, Shaw Contract Group,Dalton, GA
The results of our interviews found Waterjet Works to be a leader in every category.
David Knaub, Hi Tech Data Floors, Inc.
Mark Cuban loves the Maverick’s logo and you know the media loves it as well.
Brad Mayne, American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
The piece of art is one I will cherish for the rest of my life.
Judi Ratner, Temple Emanu El, Dallas, Texas
The work turned out to be a masterpiece.
Robert Harris, D. Brown Inc.
With the quality and workmanship you provided, the installation was easy and foolproof.
Ursula E. Bevell, Spectra Contract Flooring
The way in which you handled my order also will keep me coming back to Waterjet Works. You didn’t have to turn my project around in short order, but you knew that I was in a bind and performed beyond the norm. You have made us a customer for life. We appreciate all of your efforts.
Bobby Diltz, Breegle Building Products, Inc.
Now that all 130,000 square feet of new flooring are in place, he was impressed with Waterjet Works ability to handle the extensive logistics.
Lou Rosenberg, Mitchell Associates
You can basically give him a picture, and Phil can produce the product.
Bill Csrnko
Philip Einsohn’s work is flooring viewers at the famed Art Institute of Chicago, following a successful run at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington DC.
Dallas Morning News
A fraction of an inch over 100 feet made all the difference in the success of the flooring. Having the ability to cut the marble precisely was important. To meet the demands that were needed for this particular job, the design team relied on the expertise of Waterjet Works.
Anne Fernandez, CHS Architects
We were very pleased with the way our logo turned out and we would recommend Waterjet Works to anybody.
Jan Cummins, Superintendent Honey Grove Schools
With a company like Waterjet Works and our materials, the project turned out simply outstanding. We were very excited to work with Corgan and Waterjet Works.
Barry Hodges, Mannington Commercial
We would recommend Waterjet Works for any detailed project.
Lee Graham, Corgan Architects
Armstrong, Reeders Wholesale and Waterjet Works, three incredible companies based on knowledge, service and longevity. We know how to make things happen.
Steve Trevino, Reeders Wholesale
The waterjet cutting is far superior to what they were going to do, which was cut it by hand. Even if it could be done by hand it would take a great deal longer in the field. Waterjet is the only way to go. What saved us was having Waterjet Works in the specs, not only for the precision cutting, but also the detailed drawings that were provided to insure that our customer received what they were expecting AND made us all look good.
Camille Peloso, Peluso Design
The material came in, it was easy to assemble, easy to install, the owner is happy, I’m happy and I hope to do a lot more work with Waterjet Works.
Larry Odom, Larry’s Interiors
We enjoy working with Waterjet Works because no matter whether we bring them VCT, LVT, sheet goods or porcelain we know that they are going to get it right the first time.
Brian Peyton, T & L Distributing
There are so many things to think about on a project of this size. It was a pleasure being able to concentrate on other areas, knowing Philip and his team would do a great job.
Lew Vasberg, Valley Design
The sheer imaginative force of the images his group supplied makes Valley Baptist Children’s Center come alive and fulfills the whimsical vision we had for the project. Translating my vision took a lot of work and imagination, and Waterjet Works was more than up to the task. I’m ecstatic about the results.
Lew Vasberg, Valley Design
The schools were an outstanding standard of educational beauty and purpose. I’m in!
Barbara Levine Pakravan
While we were focusing on our job, Waterjet Works was attacking theirs. It was most definitely a team effort. I trusted Waterjet Works to get their job done and they did it. We are very proud of the final results. Where else do you get a chance to install such fun … only in Texas!
Robert Morris, Accent Flooring
Throughout Edmond Centennial Elementary School, Waterjet Works created, wall murals and signage, featuring customized imagery of the state seal, flower, bird and more. The informational pieces have been a roaring success. We will definitely use Waterjet Works in the future.
Alison Friesen, Stacy Group
Waterjet Works coordinated with the architects, flooring contractor, Armstrong Industries AND the superintendent of the schools. Their services went way beyond the letter of the contract.
Bill Vickery, Pope Construction
Thank heavens for you! I don’t know how in the world we would have pulled off our vision without you
Kristen Nolen, Zeigler Cooper Architects
Thanks so much…..you always come through for me and I appreciate it.
Ursula Bevel, Spectra
We are a flooring contractor that from time to time is tasked with implementing the installation of complex design elements initiated by adventurous architects. Whether resilient or ceramic, Waterjet Works always meets or exceed the client’s expectations, which isn’t easy. They also provide the installer with the instructions necessary to complete the task in a timely and stress-free manner. Pleasant and knowledgeable staff to work with.
William Henry, Simply Floor it, Dallas, TX
Philip and his team have done a great job on some very challenging projects for one of our largest end users. They work hard to meet our design needs and tight schedules. I have visited their facility a couple times and I have been very pleased with their hospitality. The team provides very detailed instructions on each project to ensure it’s successful completion. They have been a great supplier, and we will definitely use them in the future.
Tim Kinsey, Shaw Contact Group, Cartersville,GA
I have worked with the owner for over 20 years and he and his people have always stepped up to assist us know matter what the size of the opportunity is. His customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help. I consider them a dependable partner for custom work that sets us apart. Whether the work is in California or Boston , Minnesota or Texas, they will deliver
Chris Easler, Parterre Flooring Systems, Willminton, MA
Over the last couple of years I have done several projects with WW. On my first visit I was so pleasantly surprised at the creative talent and level of customer service provided. The scope of projects that Phillip and his team work on are remarkable and to think that there is such a treasure here in Dallas is surprising. The capability to produce cost effective projects is unique in my experience and the whole crew there are terrific to work with.
Marc Dominus
I work for a manufacturer of commercial flooring and have clients all around the globe. Waterjet Works has been phenomenal in helping me with complicated projects regardless of their locations. From huge logos corporate logos in hard surface and carpet, they never disappoint! inset into Major League Locker rooms to corporate logos in hard surface and carpet, they never disappoint! I highly recommend Phillip and his group! They are always responsive and Uber professional! Thanks guys!!!
Kimberly Johnson, Shaw Contract Group