I have always admired artist who can hand cut vinyl. The problem is, most of those artist are like me…old.

They don’t want to spend time on their hands and knees all day. Consider what we offer you.

  • Tolerances between cuts in resilient flooring of .002…. that’s about the thickness of my gray hair.
  • Less time on the job…that will save you some money.
  • Curves…that is what we cut the most of…simple curves…for good reasons…
  • History… take a look at our website…you will know what you are getting regardless of who is “low bidder.”
  • Answers…when you hear, “it’s too expensive,” just call me and I will give you the rest of the story.
  • Quality…we have been producing quality since 1999.
  • Facts… we will give you the facts including pricing before you start drawing.

Oh! you really should see the photos below. This is what happens when there are no specs written.

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