A Cloud Consultants or a cloud integrator offers cloud integration services to help startups and enterprises integrate their software programmes. Data conversion, process design, architecture, and application setup fall under this category. Hire cloud integrations and consulting services company that possesses specialized knowledge and skills in cloud integrations and hybrid or native cloud consulting services for quality development and quick turnaround time. Azure Backup is a managed backup service that simplifies offsite backup of physical, hybrid and cloud environments. Three copies of backup data are stored in a single Azure datacenter, and three additional copies can optionally be stored in a geographically separate Azure site.

cloud integration consulting services

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory and identity management service that enables password synchronization across on-premises and cloud-hosted environments. Azure AD is incorporated in Microsoft 365, Salesforce.com, DropBox, Concur, Dynamics CRM Online and thousands of other cloud applications. Azure AD integrates seamlessly with your Windows Server Active Directory to simplify the integration of on-premises https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ and cloud-based identities. Azure offers high availability by storing your directories on at least three geo-dispersed datacenters. Azure AD also allows you to monitor application usage, provides extensive security monitoring reporting, and enables secure mobile/remote access to on-premises applications. Informatica Professional Services provides expertise and guidance focused on your data-driven digital transformation.

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Among the most common technical problems organizations run into when migrating to Microsoft Azure or other public clouds is reconfiguring firewalls and VPN tunnels to provide users with secure access to cloud resources. To support the modern BYOD computing model, Progent’s iPhone and iPad technology consultants, Android integration experts and BlackBerry specialists can help you integrate and manage secure mobile endpoints for your Azure users. Progent can set up remote access to your Azure-connected computers and work in concert with your in-house technical staff and Microsoft’s support engineers to resolve Azure-related problems quickly and affordably. Executive buy-in helps ensure that IT is involved in SaaS deployments, signing off on service level agreements and security policies. A center of excellence can provide the disciplined oversight needed to rationalize cloud services within an organization’s enterprise architecture, facilitating integration. By aligning the integration strategy with business objectives, the fruits of SaaS acquisitions are made available to more areas of the enterprise, increasing productivity and ROI.

We entrusted ScienceSoft with the development of our web application for AWS cloud users to gather cloud instance monitoring metrics. ScienceSoft’s team managed to bring to life our web application with full adherence to the requirements and within the optimistic project plan. Thanks to their solid experience in agile development, our web app was deployed in just 4 months. Through innovative IT services that are customized to meet your business needs, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to help your business prosper. AI and machine learning (ML)-powered data mapping recommendations save development, test, and validation time with proven best practices. Highlights the business impact of integration performance and stability for an automation solution.

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Azure Virtual Machines hosting service allows you to deploy, scale and manage virtual machines on the Azure cloud. An Azure Storage account provides storage for the operating system disk and any data disks. Azure Virtual Machines support Windows Server, SQL Server, Linux, IBM, SAP, Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server, and other platforms. Various classes of virtual machines (VMs) are available and priced based on CPU performance, memory, disk capacity and I/O latency. We analyze your business models and IT infrastructure to deliver the most effective solution.

cloud integration consulting services

Table storage is low-cost storage for developers creating non-relational NoSQL data with a schemaless design such as data for web applications, address books, device information, and other types of metadata. Table storage supports a subset of the OData protocol for advanced querying and allows JSON and XML-based AtomPub formats. Queue storage simplifies the development of messaging solutions by supporting asynchronous communication between application components running inside or outside the cloud. Azure File storage supports SMB file shares so you can quickly can migrate legacy applications to the Azure cloud. Use our cloud services, powered by our purpose-built IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator platform, to accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud, driving cost efficiency, increased productivity and faster time to market. Applying generative AI to IT automation can accelerate that journey even faster.

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Microsoft Azure can host a wide variety of workloads from multiple vendors, and according to Microsoft one quarter of Azure virtual machines run Linux. But Azure includes many optimizations for Microsoft servers and applications as well as management and development platforms. Microsoft continues to improve Azure’s ability to support hybrid on-promises/cloud environments centered on Microsoft technologies.

ScienceSoft has been providing an excellent level of service maintaining the application’s AWS infrastructure, as well as deploying and configuring new Linux-based virtual machines and AWS cloud services. During our cooperation, ScienceSoft’s team has built a fault-tolerant and highly available application infrastructure with automatic crash recovery capabilities, which makes our web application stable and high-performing. Also, we will advise you on ready-to-go cloud services that you can use in the development of your app instead of writing your own code. The full set of services around development and maintenance of complex system-critical applications.

Cloud Integration Consulting Services

So, traditionally, for the first calls, we will need the following things from you. But, if you are just beginning to explore the competitive advantages of Software as a Service (SAS), you might be a bit behind the game. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/cloud-integration-services-for-business-7-vital-reasons/ Cloud Data Management is here to stay, and it can offer your team much more than simple organization and connectivity. Cloud is here to stay, and it can play a big part in how you operate as a next-generation enterprise.

cloud integration consulting services

Through a composable and modular approach, industry cloud solutions allow enterprises to develop streamlined architecture. An architecture that connects key business applications, core business systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and technology providers in a common, consistent, resilient and scalable way. We are experts in cloud integration and cloud consulting services and solutions to migrate your existing business into native, hybrid or multi-cloud platforms that set you apart from the competition.

Simplify development with full lifecycle management in Oracle’s integration cloud (OIC) project solution

Iterate digital innovations faster with an integrated, intuitive, design experience that shows the code and the target user interface side by side. Accelerate phased application modernization programs by reducing time to deliver cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to on-premises integrations by up to 10X with prebuilt examples.  Supercharge continuous application modernization and innovation, minimizing errors along the way. Use prepackaged best practices to simply orchestrate low-level technical application programming interfaces (APIs) across your hybrid, multicloud, and event-based integrations.

  • Accelerate phased application modernization programs by reducing time to deliver cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to on-premises integrations by up to 10X with prebuilt examples.
  • DPM works transparently with Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) to protect virtual machines without disrupting their accessibility.
  • PwC has built an innovative solution that helps meet all three cloud integration challenges.
  • Our QA engineers prepare the test strategy and perform manual and automated testing.

The recommendations we make have been thoroughly tested, either in our labs, or during beta projects for larger, enterprise level clients – so that our small business clients don’t end up as guinea pigs for an untried or unproven technology. We are first and foremost a relationship firm, and we strive to build network systems for the long term – at the lowest cost of ownership. The LCO Group can help your business build a stable information technology foundation – and we can do it at a lower cost of ownership than other New York City computer consulting companies. Cloud developers, including Oracle SaaS engineers, use Oracle
Integration for API-led, event-based connectivity with
Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Autonomous Database,
Oracle Blockchain, and
Internet of Things (IoT)
devices. Modernize your on-premises messaging with
Oracle Streaming to expose
real-time, serverless,
Apache Kafka-compatible events
for developers and data scientists. It’s surprisingly easy to
interact directly with applications using conversational AI, or
integrate machine data to add augmented and virtual reality to
your customer and employee experiences.

Benefits of Cloud Integration & Consulting Services

Oracle Integration Cloud Service provides native connectivity to Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, such as Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle RightNow Cloud, and so on. Oracle Integration Cloud Service adapters simplify connectivity by handling the underlying complexities of connecting to applications using industry-wide best practices. You only need to create a connection that provides minimal connectivity information for each system.

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