Showing Pride in Honey Grove, Texas

Often people who have not worked with Waterjet Works don’t understand how inexpensive our services can be.

  • “Oh, I can’t afford that.”
  • We live in a small town, we can’t possibly think of adding a logo to the foyer.”
  • The GC says we can’t afford this.”
  • Are you sure you can get all of that detail in VCT?”

We have heard it all over the last 13 years. What people don’t know is…

  • Waterjet Works does more business in small towns then big cities.
  • Especially when it comes to logos.
  • The amount of detail we can provide is beyond some peoples comprehension.
  • Including many architects.
  • Waterjet Works has provided over 1,500 school logos since 1999.

You will enjoy seeing our video and learning how we…

  • started with the architect
  • worked with the sketch
  • coordinated our services with Mannington Commercial
  • prepared approvals and installation maps for all parties

The results speak for themselves.

Send us your logo and let’s get started. Pride in our schools is what we need more of!

Click on the link below to watch a video about the process.

Waterjet Works: Honey Grove High School

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