In 2001 floor designs were just catching on in materials other than VCT. Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital pushed the envelope on what was possible.

  • 100′s of floor designs
  • Seven floors,each with it’s own unique design
  • 11 different flooring manufacturers
  • 75 different SKU’s

The question was… is the primary focus…

  •  a company that has waterjet cutting capabilities or
  • a company that understand flooring and logisitics?

Waterjet Works provided both…and then some.

  • detailed approval drawings
  • material requirements per manufacturer, per item and per floor
  • samples
  • installation maps
  • site visits
  • a facility that had the floor space and storage space to handle the task.
  • knowledgeable people to coordinate with the installation team

Having a machine is probably 25% of what was needed to be successful on this job.

We had a 100% satisfied customer… and they are back for more in 2010!

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