In many schools across the United States up to 30% of the building is corridors. Historically, very little learning has occured in those spaces. Superintendent of Schools in Bulloch County Georgia, Dr. Lewis Holloway, is putting these areas to good use. He has taken three of his schools and created Curriculum in the Corridors by turning this valuable space into a natural history museum.

Just like in a museum each corridor has a specific focus such as …

  • astronomy
  • archeology
  • geology
  • history
  • geography and
  • zoology

The floors, walls and window share in the learning experience. The students become docents teaching other students and the world map, map of the northern hemisphere and Georgia state map allows students to explore the world casually over lunch in the cafeteria.

Waterjet Works began the process in the design phase working with the superintendent, architects, interior designer, and continued to support the project my interfacing with the general contractor, flooring contractor and Armstrong World Industries.

Having the opportunity to increase the potential learning experience by 30% is something that is in the best interest of all schools. More importantly, it is fun to attend these school.

Waterjet Works: Sallie Zetterower Elementary School

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