Scott and White Hospital is a “one of a kind” place….in so many ways.  I know you will agree.

Temple, TX

When Waterjet Works began this project back in 2004 they were invited to come to Austin to consult with the interior design team at Page Southerland Page Acrchitects.  They wre interested to learn more about Waterjet Works’ capabilities beyond the obvious water jet cutting. Waterjet works had recently completed seven floors at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, TN. Each floor was unique and filled with creativity. PSP wanted to learn more about how to insure that their designs would be handled in the same manner.

Waterjet Works’ ability to listen to their concerns in the design phase proved to be extremely beneficial to everyone as the project progressed.

When it came time to select a floor covering , Ron Pauley notes that he and his team investigated a number of different materials. “We looked at the cost, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. We even installed trial floors in high traffic areas to see how they held up.”

Following the tests, vinyl composition tile (VCT) was chosen for all the patient’s rooms, clinical care corridors and a number of examination rooms.  Armstrong vinyl composition tile was the manufacturer of choice for numerous reasons: qaulity, availability, and largest variety of colors to coordinate with the interior finishes and floor insets.  Since Waterjet Works has worked closely with Armstrong and its distributors over the years they were able to include material estimates as well. (exerpt from the WW newsletter. Read more by clicking the link below.)

No Where But Texas Scott and White Hospital


“I cannot tell you how many times I have told my customers that not all flooring contractors are alike and they need to be aware of the difference. Yet, I forgot that lesson wheen it came to your servi ces. I now know, first hand, that not all waterjet companies are created equal. Your quality is far superior. Your cuts are cleaner and your understanding of the materials made your logos turn out twice as nice as the wire cutters.” – Bobby Diltz, Breegle Building Products, Inc.

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