Very different finishes for a hospital. The hospital did not want terrazzo and the problems that arise from terrazzo in their entry, but they wanted the look of terrazzo, so they used natural stone slabs with metal strips between sections.  Waterjet Works cut both stone and the metal strips for ease of installation. The bathrooms had glass tile waves undulating from floor to walls and back again. No problem, if the walls were built at 90 degree angles. Waterjet Works understood the potential problems before they became an issue and was able to provide the design to the installation team so that it appeared seamless to the clients. And then there were miles of arcs in vinyl throughout the corridors.

So often people think they can accomplish things in the field, that they may be able to IF there was a small amount to accomplish, but in a hospital situation, it is always better to have it fabricated ahead of time. It will save time and money and the hospital has a fixed cost in the beginning. Oh! let’s not forget a waterjet cut will always be better than a hand cut.

Please see our section on hand cut, in case you need a reminder.