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FAQ Page2020-02-21T16:11:43-06:00
Will you provide me the names of manufactures representatives who would recommend your services?2020-02-21T16:08:33-06:00

Yes. Absolutely. Waterjet Works has excellent relationships with numerous manufacturers and their reps.

Do you install across the United States?2020-02-21T16:07:35-06:00

Our installation services are rarely required. We work very hard to insure our installation partners have all the information needed to insure their success.
We have an excellent track record in this regard. We will be glad to offer our supervisory assistance on a large scale project.

It appears you have done quite a few logos over the years. What else do you do in schools?2020-02-21T16:06:45-06:00

We have completed well over 1,000 logos since 1999.
From simple to very detailed. Please see our You Tube videos.
We have created numerous short videos on the subject with each one focusing on a specific aspect of logos.

There is a design evolution going on in schools. Once the architectural community is comfortable with our abilities they begin to stretch their imaginations as to how to use our services. Waterjet Works has assisted with entire schools using floors and walls for curriculum from math, geography, archeology, astronomy, anthropology, and zoology. 

Is most of your work horizontal or vertical?2020-02-21T16:05:16-06:00

The majority of our work is horizontal. We still do a fair amount of work on vertical surfaces in …

Laminate plastic
Inexpensive white body wall tile
Metals, wood and plastics of all kinds for signage and corporate logos.
Feel free to search for vertical projects in our gallery.

What is the best way to ensure a successful job?2020-02-21T16:04:00-06:00

Start with getting a price estimate so you know what to expect.
Most people perceive our services to be expensive, they are not.
Ask for specifications to add to your documents to insure you get what you want.
Our specifications will ensure a successful job.
This is your best insurance policy.

How large is your facility and will you assemble the project, prior it shipment?2020-02-21T16:02:47-06:00

Every Waterjet Works job is assembled prior to shipping and we have the facility to lay out each project, large or small.

Our facility is clean. Our floors are spotless and grease-free.

Some companies that own waterjet machines would have no need for floor space if they were cutting parts only.

On the other hand, if a project is attempted that requires assembly, such as a hospital or school logo and it is not pre-assembled, then the chances of a successful installation are diminished.

Having a waterjet machine alone does not mean that it will provide you with an accurate finished project every time.

Besides the actual cutting, what services do you offer?2020-02-21T16:01:50-06:00

50 % of our business occurs before and after the actual waterjet process.
25% is in the design (view our gallery for design details) and customer service phase prior to fabrication.
25% is after we have performed the actual waterjet cutting in the assembly, boxing, mapping and customer support to the installation team.

Most of our competitors only provide the middle 50%.

Do you only do waterjet cutting?2020-02-21T16:00:51-06:00

No, we fabricate as well. We have a welding and sandblasting capabilities. The combination of our services makes us a one stop shop for most of your needs. The possibilities increase dramatically with the combination of our services, history and design staff.

How many machines do you have in your facility?2020-02-21T15:59:39-06:00

Waterjet Works has four waterjet machines, as well as other CNC machinery to complement our main focus. Our skilled team is happy to help with your job. 

If a waterjet company has only one machine then that may be critical to the success of the project.

If you have a project scheduled for shipment in 2 weeks and the waterjet company has a steel project ahead of you, you may not receive your project in time. Steel takes a great deal longer to cut and it is cut with abrasives. Your project may use linoleum and if the tank has not been cleaned between jobs the abrasives will backsplash on your linoleum which decreases the tolerance on all cuts and causes the material to get dirty.

It is important to ask if the company has a dedicated machine for non-abrasive cutting of resilient flooring. This will eliminate the issue of cutting linoleum, sheet vinyl or cork with a machine that has abrasives in the water that can scratch or soak into the material. Also, the possibility of the operator of the dedicated machine having knowledge of the variety of situations that may come up with resilient flooring is dramatically increased.

We have a limited design staff. How can you help us?2020-02-21T15:57:23-06:00

Waterjet Works began in 1999 because there was a need to support the architectural community.
If we only provided waterjet services, we would be no different then anyone else with a machine.

Our website is there to assist with design concepts.
If you don’t have to spend the time to draw “from scratch” that should help your efficiency.
Modifications take minutes in comparison to starting from scratch.
Our knowledge of materials will assist you.

Our support with preliminary pricing and specification will minimize wasted time and increase your success on the jobsite.

Our interaction with general contractors and sub contractors will also increase success at the jobsite.
Our customer service department understands your needs as a designer AND we know how to communicate with the other members of the process to insure success.

You are in good hand with Waterjet Works …
from the first conceptual idea straight thru to completion of the installation.

Do you have a portfolio of your work?2020-02-21T15:56:32-06:00

Yes. We are very proud of our work. Our gallery is full of images from 1999 forward. We have numerous videos as well.

How long have you been involved in the waterjet industry? Do you have a list of references?2020-02-21T15:55:41-06:00

My career in the waterjet industry began in 1993. 

We have a diverse team of talented individuals, and a track record of success. 

Please see our client list. Waterjet Works has projects in almost every state in the union including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

The list of references will tell you a great deal about where the company has worked.

What is the procedure for receiving a “request for proposal” on a logo?2020-02-21T15:52:51-06:00

You can fill out our online pricing request form here or call us at 800-856-0972. We think what we do is neat and we love talking about it. 

How can I get in contact with you?2020-02-21T15:50:47-06:00