Waterjet Works began the process with the original artwork and visits with the artists to understand what their design intent was as well as educating them on our ability and process.

Then we prepared samples for the DFW Airport board. They needed to understand that they were receiving some “traditional mosaics” as well as “new mosaics.”

We then went into the design phase rendering each piece of art from the original.

Upon acceptance of those line drawings we began researching availability of appropriate materials for the airport as well as colors that would match their art. This was not an easy task.

From there we began to manufacture each of the 5: 20′ diameter medallion AND coordinate the installation so as not to slow down the overall process.

Because of  jobsite conditions and security we pre-assembled many of the medallions into large sections to aide the installation process.

I understand how Michaelanglo felt…art takes time.