Kadlec Regional Medical Center — Richland, WA (download PDF)
(July 2010)
“Unique aquatic species appear on the floors as insets in each patient room to entertain and educate the children…

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Bayside High School — Virginia Beach, VA (download PDF)
“A cruise  down the school’s hallways leads you over waves of ocean colors on the floor and face-to-face with, or rather foot-to-fin with, colorful Marlins dashing underneath.”

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Downtown Memphis Elementary School — Memphis, TN (download PDF)
“The medallion required precision custom cutting. ‘As long as the specifications are tight, we can precision cut practically any design specified for Armstrong VCT with no problem. The tile is always consistent, square, smooth and within specifications, which makes our job easier. When the specs are good, the cutting is precise, and the instructions specific, designers can create the most intricate custom insets with confidence that the installer will fulfill their vision,’ concludes Einsohn.”

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Smithsonian Exhibit of Contemporary Sculpture Features Traditional Linoleum as an Art Form
“According to company president, Philip Einsohn, the most enjoyable part of the exhibit is watching people as they approach The Wasteland. ‘They usually stop at the entryway because they’re not sure if they’re allowed to walk on the floor or not. Some will even bend down and touch the floor to make sure it’s one-dimensional. As a result, they’ve now become involved in the artwork, which is exactly what the artist wanted to transpire.’ ”

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Armstrong’s Anne Arundel Case Study…Nature theme helps heal patients


I would urge other healthcare management officials to think more about what  they can do with basic building materials, “Core concludes. ‘When it comes to vinyl flooring, for example, it truly

does not cost that much more to create custom patterns in the floor. And, the benefits in terms of patient satisfaction are well worth the added cost.”
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