Amazing Detail in Carpet

Father RyanFather Ryan High School recently expanded and renovated their fitness facilities.  Adding 15,400 square feet of new space  and upgrading locker rooms for their athletes. When it came to translating the school crest to carpet, the architect wanted as much detail as possible. Waterjet works delivered with carpet outlines as small as 1/8th inch thick. More→

Baylor Orthopedic and Spine Hospital


Waterjet Works is pleased to see that more and more architects and interior designers understand the importance of specifications. BOSHArlington floors came out beautiful because specifications were honored.

Fun Hospital Corridors WITHOUT heat welding!


Do you really need to heat weld? When the manufacturer, Nora, says, “you don’t need to” then you have options.

Of course, your installer makes a big difference in the final outcome, but we can help insure your success without heat welds.

Waterjet Works has extensive experience in assisting in this process. Our ability to provide…

  • Samples
  • Specifications
  • Approval drawings
  • Installation Maps
  • Extensive Customer Service, as well as
  • a web site that provides design support.

All of these services are part of the waterjet process at Waterjet Work. These services will…

  • create a more aesthetically pleasing finished product
  • easier to install
  • save money for the installation company
  • save time in the installation process
  • guarantee quality
  • allow for greater creativity in the future

Take a look at the photos and let us know what you think. Start drawing!

Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

In 2001 floor designs were just catching on in materials other than VCT. Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital pushed the envelope on what was possible.

  • 100′s of floor designs
  • Seven floors,each with it’s own unique design
  • 11 different flooring manufacturers
  • 75 different SKU’s

The question was… is the primary focus…

  • a company that has waterjet cutting capabilities or
  • a company that understand flooring and logisitics?

Waterjet Works provided both…and then some.

  • detailed approval drawings
  • material requirements per manufacturer, per item and per floor
  • samples
  • installation maps
  • site visits
  • a facility that had the floor space and storage space to handle the task.
  • knowledgeable people to coordinate with the installation team

Having a machine is probably 25% of what was needed to be successful on this job.

We had a 100% satisfied customer… and they are back for more in 2010!

                                         BECA Flooring Made The Difference

                                         Earl Swensen Associates Understands

Armstrong Linoleum and VCT

 In 1999 our first customer used Armstrong World Industries because of their ability to deliver goods across the United States from multiple factories. With the Waterjet Works facility located in Dallas, Tx it gave our customer the ability to deliver goods from coast to coast in a matter of a few days. When Armstrong returned to the linoleum business we were right there to assist them in making a name for themselves with this natural product. In 2001 we were honored to create linoleum flooring for artist Juan Munoz. His art was displayed at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum of Contemporary Art and Sculpture Garden. The following year, 2002 found Waterjet Works at the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston and the Chicago Art Institute. In 2003 the linoleum art made its final stop at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

Linoleum is not the only material used for art. Many architects and interior designers have used VCT, LVT and Sheet vinyl to create beautiful floor designs for hospitals, schools, public buildings and retail establishments.

Take a look at the video it will surely give you asense of what Waterjet Works can do with Armtrong products.

Waterjet Works: Armstrong Linoleum and VCT

Sanford Children’s Hospital

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Waterjet Works: Sanford Children's Hospital, Sioux Falls,SD

In 2008 Waterjet Works, a Dallas, Tx based company had the opportunity to assist Ewing Cole, a Philadelphia, Pa. based architectural and interior design firm with a children’s hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “Logistics” is probably the first thought that comes to mind, “How will this all come together, thousands of miles apart?” On top of those challenges, the specified flooring material was Gerflor, a French manufacturer with a unique range of colors. Waterjet Works understands logistics and how to make things happen…across the United States. You will enjoy the video and hearing how it all happened. The actual waterjet cutting was only 50% of our task. Design support, logistics and installation assistance is what we do better then anyone else in the USA. The video link below tells the whole story!

Waterjet Works: Sanford Children’s Hospital

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